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Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon
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Physical Attractiveness Self Assessment  --  Upcoming
Physical Attractiveness Self Assessment
Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon
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We are working on this section currently. When ready, you will be able to submit a picture or video of a product, creative piece and even yourself to a get a view of others on its (or your) physical attractiveness (PA). You will thus be able to see how others rate your product, work of art or you based on looks

Currently we are working on this section. Please bear with us.

Once ready you will be able to rate:
Physical attractiveness of an image (still photo), and view ratings and comments by others.
Physical attractiveness of a video, and view ratings and comments by others.
When Ready you will be able to Submit:
An image (still photo) to be rated by others for physical attractiveness.
A video to be rated by others for physical attractiveness.
The goal for designing this section is that, once completed, you will be able to first click your above choice (rating of an image or video, submitting an image or video), followed by items, that within each of the choices will be arranged in categories:

     * People according to their age * Parts of people 
     * Famous people * Pets * Buildings * Clothing
     * Products * Miscellaneous and Other

Ratings will use a 1-to-10 point scale, ranging from Extremely Low PA to Extremely High PA.

Boundaries of acceptable content will be very wide with postings encouraged that range from extremely low PA to extremely high PA to everywhere in-between. However, our policy prohibits gruesome and overly offensive visuals.

In addition, plans are underway for this section to include a series of interactive, comprehensive, self evaluation questionnaires concerning a person's physical attractiveness in the context of physical attractiveness phenomenon.  These questionnaires will most likely focus on the psychology, sociology, and finances/economics of a person as related to his or her physical attractiveness.  Please check back at a later time when this section of this website is more fully developed.

Thank you, Gordon Patzer