Gordon L. Patzer, Ph.D.
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Available for Speaking Requests
Dr. Patzer is available for speaking requests about topics that include:

              Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon:
             Power and Perplexity of Physical Attractiveness

Presentations by him communicate content that comprises, but is not limited to, psychology, popular culture, business, cross-cultural understanding, personal improvement, religion, sociology, politics, and women’s issues. His content agrees with feminist perspectives, and goes beyond to articulate a phenomenon inclusive of males of all ages and females of all ages.
Gordon L. Patzer, Ph.D.
Chicago, Illinois


***E-Mail:    Gordon@GordonPatzer.com
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Gordon L. Patzer, Ph.D.
. . . Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon
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Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon
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Physical Attractiveness Phenomenon
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Conference 2008 (PAC2008)
December 4-5, 2008
Delhi, India